Protective epoxy finishes for concrete products in Townsville


Concrete is porous, and as such, requires a durable finish to prevent cracks and other damage over time. That is why we provide an array of epoxy finishing materials for our concreting customers. Not only can you customise epoxy finishing materials with various compounds and add-ons to tailor it to any particular job, but it will provide you with a durable and easy to clean surface that will last for ages. Unlike other materials, epoxy is long lasting and will hold up against everything from day to day wiping on a concrete bench, to outdoor conditions when used on exterior surfaces.

Our experts here at Diamond Concreting are trained to understand the types of sealants needed for various applications. We know that each job is unique, so we customise our recommendations to your job, lifestyle and budget. When we complete your concreting project, you will get the benefit of our expertise as we formulate epoxy finishing that will best meet your unique requirements. We use only the highest quality epoxy and sealants, so you can be assured of a smooth finish that will last for ages without wearing down or needing additional touch-ups. Our goal is to provide maintenance-free beauty for each customer’s project.

When to use epoxy coating

Most concreting jobs need to be sealed with epoxy finishing or a similar product. Unfinished concrete is necessary or preferred in certain applications, but in most circumstances you will want the lasting finish of an epoxy seal. Whether your job needs epoxy finishing will depend highly on the type of product completed, how it is being used, and where it is located. If you have any questions about our sealants, how they are formulated and used, or whether your existing concrete products could benefit from added protection, please contact us.
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